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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. some are making a fuss over all the rain. our powerful storm hitting right now means a change of plans, though, for thousands of travelers, and some music fans. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. eric has the night off. the storm is battering the entire bay area. right now we are getting hit by the worst of it. you can see the pounding rain in san rafael. winds packing a punch in san francisco. and violent surf in santa cruz. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma tracking the storm. >> dion, we have been soaked all day. now we have the heavy rain moving through. and those strong winds. so certainly a very strong storm for our winter season. live doppler 7 tracking all of it this has been lit up all day long. i want to zoom into a couple of areas that are getting hit the hardest right now. in the east bay,elw the kreen.
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heavy rain around san leandro, san lorenzo. similar in the south bay and the peninsula light to moderate rain with pockets of downpours. not only rain. we are dealing with strong winds as well we expected the winds to ramp in the afternoon. you can see now, 40 miles per hour gusts right now. the storm is a strong level 3 system. evening rain, heavy at times, strong winds, we expect minor flooding and the possibility of more downed trees. what to expect tonight. the rain will be heaviest before 10:00. the winds will be strongest before 9:00. but after midnight we will begin the drying out process. however, we have several more storms to track over the next seven days. we will have the entire time line coming up in the full accuweather forecast. the rain is causing flooding, rollovers, and more than 100 flight cancellations. abc7 news reporter jolena
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fortson is in san francisco along the ben carson. we saw your facebook life. you were getting battered today. what's the status now. >> reporter: the area between mourd and mission has reopened. good news there. pier 14 is still closed. if you look back at the waves you can see them lightly slapping up the side here. they were coming over the edge earlier today. we are certainly feeling the effects of the rain down here, as are many others in the bay area. >> raining like crazy today. >> reporter: it won't be stopping any time soon. for many, this is perfect napping weather. or i guess for jogging sleeveless, or a photoon. >> oh, yeah. i always carry my go pro. >> reporter: lisa martinez wanted to take in the view at the embarcadero. flooding caused pier 14 and a portion of the road to close for the second day in a row. >> i have never seen the tide so high in the bay.
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it is kind of scary looking. whoa. >> reporter: water from the bay started to roll onto the sidewalk during our interview. but that's minor compared to what the chp has been dealing with. the calls are non-stop. >> we are seeing a lot of spinouts out there. we have seen some vehicles roll over. >> reporter: like this car that ended up in a creek in santa rosa. the chp is asking people to stay off the roads if you can. we found flooding at 6th and brannon in fran, and patches of standing water on 280. >> traffic is moving fast. be careful. >> reporter: the rain impacts keep coming. it continued to tricknell the east bayers toing the oakland zoo to close. as of 3:00, 154 flights were cancelled and 410 delayed at sfo. passengers were told to expect delays of up to five hours. you can expect more rain this week. >> i will come back here tuesday to see how that goes. >> reporter: we got some calls in to our newsroom about this. we want to put it out there and
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remind drivers to put on your headlights when you are out there on the roadways, even if it is during the day and it is raining. if you are a pedestrian, please remember to wear bright colored clothing. reporting live if a the embarcadero, abc7 news. >> great reminders. good job. fans of the college football championship are enjoying pregame festivities despite stormy conditions. amanda del castillo is looking a the weather's impact. we know one game related event for tonight has been canceled. i see the wind whipping your hair right now. >> reporter: it is miserable out here. unfortunately for those with tickets for the taped rehearsal over at treasure island that event has been canceled. the weather has posed some safety issues. it is not much better here in downtown san jose. we are at discovery meadows in downtown where the rain is come down. i had to ditch the umbrella
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because of the wind. tonight is the final night of the free concert series. the performances linked to the college football playoff national championship game. we were here as thousands braved the cold the last two nights. the downpour could make for a different story. many fan-centered attractions are outdoors. f you are looking for something out of the element, playoff band central is inside the convention center. it is cold, wet, and winnie out here tonight. we will keep an eye out on how that will impact college football playoff weekend here in downtown san jose. until an announcement is made about this being shut down that does not seem to be the case. right now they are doing sound check. about a dozen fans just arrived waiting for gates to open at around 6. performers will take the same at 7:30. reporting live from downtown san jose, abc7 news. >> you still look great. what a trooper amanda, thank you. the weather has also
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increased the avalanche danger in the sierra. look at this map from the sierra half lanch center. shows the central sierra area under high avalanche warning through 7:00 tomorrow morning. the alert doesn't apply to ski areas or stretches of hoff where avalanche mitigation programs are in place. the national weather service says high winds will bring blizzard companies with near zero visibility in the higher elevations. up to three feet of snow is expected. driving conditions around tahoe are he treacherous. chain restrictions are in place for parts of enter states 50 and 80. and the plaster county sheriff says i 80 is closed between colfax and nevada. there is no estimated time when the freeway will reopen. as always you can check the witness conditions where you live on the abc7 news app. it features live doppler 7 and the ability to customize your forecast. in other news now a fire in voyage forced nine people
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including six children out of their home. the fire started this morning at a mobile home park on san miguel road near san diego ways. crews were able to get it under control in under an hour and no one was hurt. the red cross is helping fire victims. nancy pelosi gave thanks today to those who supported her. abc7 news with a in san francisco where crowds gathered to hear her speak. she thanked local leaders for their efforts and told stories about officials here who she worked with for decades. her message was simple, america needs to become a place of love again, and not hate. >> faith, and the goodness of others gives people hope. america is a country whose heart is full in love. but we have to make sure that people identify it that way. and we have a challenge right now. >> she also thanked those who are not elected officials but used their time, money, and efforts to make a change. the murder of a girl in texas is likely a double case of
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mistaken identity. a man faces charges tonight, and he looks nothing like the man investigators were searching for. the real role he may have played in the case. also come up, a new man is about to take the helm of state politics in california. gavin newsom. a look at the top goals for our upcoming governor. i am meteorologist drew tuma, drive doppler 7 still showing a lot of rainfall across the regi
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new developments tonight in the deadly drive by shooting of
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a 7-year-old houston girl. two men are now in custody. 20-year-old eric black jr. has been charged with capital murder in the death of jasmine barnes. police say a continue led to the arrest. a second man is in custody. neither look like the suspect in the sketch. and neither drive a red truck. a texas sheriff say investigators now believe that man was actually just a witness. the family's attorney says they may have been mistaken do you go the chaos. >> everybody else watching they saw a red truck, they heard shots, and they saw a red truck speeding away from a shooting. >> investigators believe the suspects thought they were shooting someone else. happening right now, governor-elect gavin newsom is at a concert in sacramento to raise funds for victims of california wildfires. the incoming governor is set to be sworn in tomorrow. he has a long list of policy items to address, including health care, education, and the state's housing crisis. according to "new york times," he is expected to propose a
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six-month long paternal leave, the longest in the country. abc7 will have complete coverage of the transition to governor tomorrow. just ahead, rough weather caused a problem in seattle that had a nigswide impact. also, why an effort that started here in the bay area to clean up the pacific ocean is now on hold. i am meteorologist drew tuma. a lot of rain out there, more than an inch so more. more is to fall. we will have the timing tonight and tomorrow morning in the full accuweather forecast. tomorrow, abc7 news at
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in the pacific ocean has been halted because of an equipment break. the ocean cleanup project has been using a 2,000 foot long device to clean up the great pacific garbage patch. recently it was damaged by waves and winds. it is now being towed to hawaii so engineers can assess the damage. the tool launched from alameda last fall. a round of nasty weather caused a power outage in seattle. more than a quarter million people lost power overnight because of strong wind gusts. the city's electric utility says extensive restoration will last throughout the day and some people could be without power for days. the power outage also grounded all alaska airlines flights nationwide. all of this started justafter 4:00 in the morning and lasted about an hour. alaska airlines's operations are based in the seattle area. an airline spokesperson says 27 flights were delayed and five canceled. now your accuweather
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forecast withdrew tuma. >> it is been a mess up and down the west coast with the series of storms. the one overhead right now is strong. it is bringing us heavy rain and strong winds at this hour. live doppler 7 right now has been scanning the skies tracking the moist. i want to go to the peninsula where we have light to moderate rain but where you see brighter colors there are pockets of downpours. palo alto. zooming over to hon cord and her cue lease, light to moderate rain. hefner in fairfield, sonoma. this is how it looked much of the day today. great day to be indoors. a live look from the exploratorium camera. drops on lens. gray skies. it has been windy as well. the winds have been increasing throughout the afternoon. look at the gusts, fairfield gusting to 46 miles an hour right now. 32 right now in san jose. half moon bay currently gusting
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to 37. it is a very windy even at hand. a wind advisory is still in effect for our highest elevations. this will go until 10:00 for all areas shaded in yellow. we have several more hours of the strong winds. it has been a raw, rainy day. temperaturewise, 40s to low 50s. with that rain, temperatures barely budged all day. 51 right now in oakland and san jose. 48 in cloverdale. it is rainy and cold in brentwood right now with a temperature of only 49 degrees. still a level 3 strong storm we are dealing with right now. we are to the done with the rain. it is still coming down heavy at times. winds are certainly an issue, gusting close to if not over 40 miles an hour. still the threat is there for flooding and more trees to come down. hour by hour we go to time out the storm system. even by 7:00 we are still tracking downpours. the yellows and oranges you see on future weather. the heavy rain is going to linger the next several hours. by 9:00 we are starting to see dryer skies repraling in the
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voil. deal with rain in the south bay and inland east bay. by 11:00 we are back on air for abc7 news at tracking showers for the southern half of our viewing area. it is not out until the early morning hours monday. monday commute it is going to be mainly dry but there will be a lot of standing water on the roadways. give yourself extra time. winds will be fierce. even by 7:00 in the each still gusting close to 40 miles an hour. as we advance the clock, by 10:00 we are starting to see the winds ease first in the north bay. close to midnight the winds are really going to back up. it is still a five or six hour window where the winds will be active. additional snowfall in the sierra a winter storm area in effect. some places have seen two feet of snowfall. kirkwood could pick up an additional foot in the next 24 hours. overnight, holding in the 40s. rain early and clearing out the
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rainfall after midnight. 12 hour day planner. on monday it is dry. a lot of cloud cover. be careful in the morning. we will have water on our roadways. so the morning commute will be slower. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. the cloud cover tomorrow. the next storm arrives tuesday into wednesday. another one on friday. and then a third one coming in saturday into sunday. we are in a very active pattern the next seven days. >> my husband used this as an excuse. instead of running errands he watched sports. >> stay dry. >> the house better be really clean after the games. >> coming straight from manipulatedi. >> it was a great second round of wild card games. defenses were featured with crazy plays. when was the last tim
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once again, we want to show you live doppler 7 tracking the storm bringing pounding rain and howling winds. we will get an update on when the storm will pass in just a few minutes. now abc7 sports with mindi bach. >> no other team in the nfl had a better road record than the chargers this season. l.a. packed up its defense for today's wild card showdown in baltimore and proved the record was no fluke. gordon dove for the goal line. appeared to fumble. humphrey picked it up and went the entire length of the field for the ravens' first touchdown. baltimore, finally some life.
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but upon further review, gordon was ruled down. so it is the chargers ball at the 1 yard line. on the next play, gordon hangs on for dear life. yeah. look at this. harbaugh not happy about that one because gordon puts them up 20-3 after the two point conversion. the chargers harassed jackson all game. seven sacks in this one. he finally got into the end zone with 6:40 let. aired it to crabtree, 31 yards before the two minute warning yet again. this time a seven yard score. two touchdowns and 197 passing yards for jackson. ravens down six get the ball back with 28 seconds left. but the chargers d comes up big. the perfect strip. the chargers recover and take their 9-1 patriots next.
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odds makers who put the point total for this wild card matchup at 41 1/2 points may be out of a job tonight. the bears and eagles fans saw a crazy ending. that may save some odds makers jobs. when you look at this, with chicago down one, trubisky finds allan robinson. 22 yards on the touchdown. robinson had ten catches for 143 yards. but the legend of nick foles grows. on fourth and goal with under a minute left look at the two yard side arm pass to golden tate. they were going to go for two to make it a three-point game but smallwood is denied. this is just a one point game with plenty of time left for the bears. trubisky going to find robinson yet again. chicago in field goal range. parkey, unfortunately, has missed the second most field goals this season with ten. a 43 yarder for the win. oh, my lord. the double doink off the posts and the crossbar.
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and that is how the eagles advance, 16-15 the final. that's a painful ending. number six stanford hosting ucla. right to the third quarter with time running out. williams coming in. like a defensive back. that's a pick six in the basketball world. a steal and a layup. in the fourth quarter with the bruins down two, williams from deep. she had 21 points. ucla makes it a one possession game. jerome hit the corner three. then carington iced it with two of her team high 30. stanford wins, 86-80. they are rolling. and they improve to 12-1. >> the response on one of the coach's faces
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new on abc7 news at 6:00, tinning with our coverage of the government shutdown, the unprecedented, even possibly illegal step the national park service may take to deal with the trash piling up at parks. plus we will explain the water spout offer santa cruz's coast that formed during the storm today. speaking of storms. live doppler 7 tracking a lot of rain across the region. light to moderate at times. where you see the lighter colors, downpours crisscrossing. four to five more hours of the rainfall. we will have an update on the news at 6:00. >> thachg for watching i am dion lim. for all of us at abc7 news thanks so much.
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we will be right back here in just about 30 minutes. tonight, coast to coast, the winter storm wreaking havoc. the west hammered by snow, heavy rain, mudslides, and fierce winds. hundreds of thousands losing power. trouble on the roads. as the storm now heads east. two major systems right behind it. fatal mistake. an arrest in the drive-by shooting that took a 7-year-old's life. an anonymous tip leading to this man. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. tonight, the little girl's father, speaking out. trump's national emergency. the president upping the stakes to get his border wall. saying he may declare a national emergency in the next two days, as shutdown talks go nowhere. plus, long lines at some airports. are tsa workers now calling out because they're not getting paid? also tonight, spacey faces a judge. the actor set


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